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You only have to look at the phenomenal success of video-hosting site YouTube to recognise the power of online video marketing and how well consumers interact with it as a means of communicating information. Not only are businesses using it to reinforce their brand and promote products and services, but it is a fantastic way of gauging customer response and getting feedback – entirely free.

Video can also be used as a channel of delivering a content marketing campaign as well as display advertising and a core component of social marketing. Extensive testing has shown that the presence of video on a site, even if unwatched, projects a sense of credibility and calls users to action – whether you want them to share you on social media sites or make a purchasing decision.

The opportunities for using video online are extensive, so broad in fact that you may need some advice and guidance formulating an effective video marketing strategy, without spreading yourself too thin or spending more than you need to.

This is here we come in. Agnew Solutions can assess the market potential and create a powerful, results-driven marketing campaign utilising online video and incorporating elements of content marketing, display advertising and social media where appropriate to deliver the best possible ROI for your business.

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