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The number of businesses who overlook digital marketing as a possibility because they are not ‘tech-savvy’ or experienced programmers remains high – which is a shame, because that means missing out on some very exciting opportunities which can make or break a successful business. Agnew Solutions offer a dynamic content management system which takes all the technical stuff out of digital marketing. That means no programming, no tinkering with sensitive code and significantly less risk of system errors.

Our comprehensive content management systems (CMS) enable you to create and update pages, text, video, documents, photos, audio and other content which is essential for any forward-thinking organisation. Our bespoke CMS framework is quick and easy to use for non-technical people – saving you both time and money.

Integrating a CMS-framework also opens up new opportunities for digital marketing including content marketing and online PR, as well as strengthening your online presence and SEO through link building – all of which is instrumental to your commercial success. Our bespoke CMS applications are specially constructed to achieve the highest search rankings and provide the best possible user experience to ensure high conversion rates and drive online sales.

Our development team have a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of content management platforms so if you have a preference for a particular CMS, we would love to discuss your requirements.

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