Analytics and Reporting

Monitor and maximise your results

From the perspective of a digital marketer, there is nothing better than a spreadsheet chock full of facts, figures and insight from a digital campaign we’ve delivered. We rely heavily on analytics and reporting to measure the results achieved for our clients and we’re not often disappointed. We do the tricky bit and then convert this data into genuinely useful insight and guidance that steers your business in the right direction – continuously refining your approach to digital marketing to achieve optimum results.

Agnew Solutions deliver extensive analytical reporting utilising leading third party software combined with our own bespoke in-house web software solutions. The data we can acquire from these tools includes:

  • Website health check – real-time monitoring of website content and structure
  • Link portfolio management – tracking link development, anchor text spread and profiling performance
  • Conversion funnel tracking – extensive customer journey monitoring and understanding interaction
  • Ecommerce tracking – financial reporting on keyword performance
  • Traffic – understanding quantity, quality and opportunities

This outlines just a small part of the powerful analytical insight we provide. Agnew Solutions’ focus on results-driven, commercialised marketing campaigns has led to extensive experience with analytical software and converting this powerful data into straightforward development strategies to drive your commercial success.


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