The Client

Volumeye is an innovative digital media platform in association with Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers that aims to revolutionise the entertainment industry by changing the way consumers access digital media. Volumeye provides a high quality digital media platform that is seamlessly integrated with leading online retailers to deliver a truly immersive entertainment experience at virtually no cost to the customer.

The Challenge

Volumeye approached us to manage the launch of the concept through a viral social media campaign. The aim of the project was to introduce the concept to consumers, maximise reach and prospect acquisition, and use key performance indicators to assess the market potential of the Volumeye concept. The future success of the concept, including further investment from the company’s partners, depended upon the results of this project.

Strategic Planning for an Innovative Digital Media Platform

We were approached by Volumeye to manage the launch of the concept by undertaking strategic planning and delivering a viral social media campaign in order to assess the company’s market potential.

The Solution

We worked with Volumeye’s management team to advise on the company’s entry strategy, resulting in the formulation of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. We managed the launch of the concept over a period of four weeks through a viral social media campaign, in order to ensure that Volumeye’s management team could accurately assess the potential value of the concept using the key performance indicators identified in the initial stages of the engagement.

The Result

The viral social media campaign resulted in 26,000 brand impressions within the first week, with the campaign ultimately providing Volumeye’s management team with a wealth of feedback from consumers confirming the unique value of the concept using social metrics. We compiled a management report to summarise the results of the project and build to case for further development of the concept, which resulted in further interest from the company’s media partners.

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