Our values, beliefs and quirks

We like to think differently - it's what makes us who we are

Instead of the usual gimmicky web page bullet pointing a list of ‘values’, we’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what we think makes us truly unique. You’d be surprised how often we’re picked up on our different approach and unusual ways of thinking. That’s why we thought we would brainstorm all the things which make us special – a point of reference for people who are looking to learn more about us.

Let’s get straight to the point. Here’s what makes us like no other marketing agency out there:

  • Bradley founded the agency at the age of 14. Since then he’s gone on to win a number of awards for his work, worked with hundreds of clients, and founded a number of successful start-up companies. Over the past few years, Bradley has worked to establish us as the UK’s leading agency for SMEs across the UK. Connect with Bradley on LinkedIn!
  • A whopping 25% of our time is devoted to supporting a diverse range of charitable causes across the UK, providing thousands of young people every week with essential support services. All charity projects are managed by Bradley, with hands-on support from the team, to enable our charities to focus on doing what they do best.
  • We take a true partnership approach to everything we do. We are incredibly proud of our 100% client retention rate, and this is the result of our unique approach to client relationships. For us, it’s all about understanding your business and how we can support you in achieving your objectives, to ensure that you are successful. And with our value-based fees, you know that we really mean it when we say that your success is our success.

Let’s talk about what we don’t have that you would expect from your typical agency:

  • Hourly rates. We think that charging for time creates a number of issues; there is always a “meter running” so clients have to make an investment decision whenever they ask for help, it doesn’t reflect the actual results achieved or the value added by the agency, and costs can very quickly escalate. We don’t have hourly rates. This means that we work together in a partnership relationship, which ensures that you achieve your goals, and we receive equitable compensation for our contribution to the results that we achieve together.
  • Packages. You won’t find any fixed packages or prices quoted anywhere on this website. That’s because we’ve found that each client is unique, which requires working together to deliver a solution that is perfectly tailored to your business. Sure, we have a range of services that we can offer, but our work is all about supporting you in achieving your objectives.
  • Competitors. We find that many of our clients have relationships with other marketing people, and that’s absolutely fine. We often find ourselves working alongside other passionate, talented people to deliver the best results for our clients.
  • Awards. We believe that no judge is as qualified as our clients in judging our success. At the end of the day, it’s all about the result that we achieve as partners, and whether you achieve your business objectives.

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