Three mistakes you are making in digital marketing

Three mistakes you are making in digital marketing

Everyone makes mistakes in digital marketing, and there’s no exceptions. Having worked with everyone ranging from the local coffee shop to the world’s largest entertainment corporation, we’ve found that digital marketing is so young and rapidly changing that it is easy for any business to make mistakes. Digital marketing is a great way to promote your small business on a budget, but many businesses are understandably making some common mistakes. In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can overcome these common pitfalls and get better results from your digital marketing.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

We find all too many businesses that commit all their efforts to only one digital channel. There is a good reason for this, running a small business is already a very demanding task which takes up so much of our time, it can be tempting to pick the best channel and then try to do as best as you can. However, it is key in digital marketing that all your efforts are integrated as a part of your digital marketing strategy – and to ensure that all your efforts are relevant to your business by selecting a group of digital channels which are most relevant to your customers.

For example, it’s highly likely that your customers use email. It’s also quite possible that they use Facebook too. So, next time your customers pop in why not ask for their e-mail and add it to your mailing list? Next time you have an offer or a deal on, you can keep all your customers happy and informed. You know they use Facebook, so why not include a link to your Facebook page so that you can get all of your customers talking about what a great deal you’ve got!

This is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy. Ask your customers which digital channels they use and then use this information to create a digital marketing strategy which enables you to communicate with them more effectively using digital technology – and that is the key to successfully promoting your business online.

Not adding value to your audience

It is absolutely essential when promoting your business through digital channels that you add value to your audience. Otherwise, what’s the point in following you if all they get is a bunch of emotionless sales emails from time to time? Sure, your loyal customers might appreciate getting your latest deals straight to their inbox, but it’s not going to do much to help you reach new customers online and grow your following.

Instead, consider providing information through your digital channels which add value to your audience, giving them something which they truly value and can only get from you.  Yes, post about your recent product promotions and give them a deal they’ll love – but also provide them with free advice and useful tips that establishes you as a valuable and trusted source of information on that topic. Imagine a garden centre offers their customers free daily gardening tips with guides from professional gardeners on how they can use a few simple tricks to make their garden look bigger – and then they provide them with a discount on everything they need to do it. Who do you think those customers are going to buy from?

At Agnew Solutions, our customers are usually small businesses which are new to digital marketing or are looking to do it better. Hence we dedicate a section of our website to free downloadable books, guides and tutorials which we then e-mail and share on our social media channels! This ties in very nicely with our aim of helping small businesses to grow using digital marketing by giving free tips and advice, whilst showcasing our experience and enabling us to develop a relationship with that business.

All you need to get started is to know what information your target market is looking for, then you just need the means to deliver it! Have you thought about sending out a weekly email to your customers with a list of ten top tips, or how about creating a blog and posting free tutorials, as well as any promotions and new deals you have?

Thinking of digital marketing as separate from your other marketing efforts

Regardless of which digital channels you decide to use, it is important to remember that all your digital marketing efforts should be a part of your overall marketing plan – even if it is an important one.

For example, have you thought about hosting a special event for your valued customers? Customers who are invited to an event almost always purchase something. The next time you put together an event for your customers, how about using your mailing list to send them a reminder  the week before, instead of waiting for each one to come through your door? And in that email, insert a link to your Twitter profile so that customers can use the event’s hashtag to start a conversation and get others excited about your event!

Think of every point you make contact with a customer, whether it’s at the till, when you give them the bill at a restaurant, whenever their waiting for an appointment. There are many opportunities to keep your customers engaged by getting them to join your digital channels, whether it be your Facebook page or your mailing list, as long as you keep talking to them and developing your relationship with them, both online and offline, they’ll keep coming back again and again.

Digital marketing is all about growing your business and making it as successful online as it is offline. Using digital tools can help you to grow your customer base organically and develop more profitable relationships with your existing ones, at minimal cost! So, what’s stopping you? Start growing your business with digital marketing today!

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