Digital marketing – yes or no?

Digital marketing – yes or no?

When deciding whether digital marketing is right for your business, there are only two questions that you need to ask yourself. If you are unsure whether your business can benefit from using digital marketing, then look no further.

Is my audience online; is it going to be online?

If your potential customers are using digital technology, whether it be email, social media, or the web to research and evaluate the products and services that you provide, then there is no question that your business needs to be embracing digital technology to get in front of your potential customers, engage them and retain them.

However, if your customers are not online, then you don’t need a digital marketing strategy. It really is as simple as that. Just bear in mind that if your customer base is diversifying or you are taking on the next generation of customers, then they are going to expect your business to have an online presence to interact with you digitally.

If you are unable to provide that, then you’ll be left out of the decision-making process when they’re making purchasing decisions.

Are my products/services suited to digital marketing?

Yes. As long as you have established that your customers are using digital technology, which is highly likely, then it doesn’t matter what your product or service is, you should be promoting it online and interacting with your customers digitally to influence their purchasing decision.

Whilst some products and services are clearly more suited to digital marketing such as electronic books, downloadable music and other digital files, you’ll also find many businesses of all shapes and sizes promoting a whole range of products and services using digital technology including houses, cars and luxury goods.

Although they may not actually buy it online, the truth is that customers go online to research, evaluate and compare their choices simply because it is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Digital technology has made information much more accessible to consumers who are becoming proficient in using search engines, comparison sites and a whole range of tools to make purchasing decisions.

Digital marketing – yes

If the answer to those two questions is yes, then you really need to be interacting with your customers digitally. With more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes using digital marketing to successfully promote their products and services, and build relationships with their customers – businesses which depend on conventional forms of marketing are falling behind.

As your digital marketing partner, we are here to provide objective advice and strategic guidance to help you formulate a digital marketing strategy which is relevant to your business and designed to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Contact our team today to talk about what digital marketing can do for your business!

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